About Us


The purpose of the NBS HSA is to create a positive atmosphere for learning through a cooperative effort between administrators, teachers, staff and parents/guardians by providing financial assistance, organized social functions, extracurricular educational programs and a volunteer parent network. The HSA works closely with the school’s administration and staff to organize and support many of the programs, activities, parties and class trips throughout the school year. We hold many fundraising events and the funds raised in the past have enabled the HSA to purchase learning tools for the school, supplies for the classrooms and playground equipment, just to name a few items. The HSA works hard to ensure that our kids have fun and benefit from all of our hard work since they are our future.

Get involved and join the North Boulevard HSA today!!!

We encourage all our parents to get involved and become active members of our Home and School Association. Becoming a member does not automatically sign you up to volunteer (although we would love it if you choose to!);  it means you support the HSA and believe in what we do. I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities there are to volunteer and become involved in your children’s education. Being involved in the HSA is a rewarding experience for both you and your child. It enables you to stay informed, be involved and educated in your child’s school and activities.  Please join our HSA and show your commitment and support to our wonderful school.  

We are very excited to continue to share this service for North Boulevard where parents/guardians, teachers and staff will be able to become an HSA member, volunteer and get involved in our children’s activities, purchase Panther wear,  and make donations! 


By joining the North Boulevard HSA, you’ll be connected and know first-hand what’s going on at our school. We have a bi-monthly meeting to update our members. If you’re unable to attend you can always stay up to date with school current events on this site.

We would like to encourage everyone to get involved with their children’s school activities. Some activities only require a couple of hours and some are a bit more time consuming. However any time you can spare is much appreciated. Siblings are welcome at most activities, If you have an idea for an activity or service to enrich our children’s school year, please do not hesitate to Contact us here


NBS HSA Board Members